About Us

About our Warwickshire painting and decorating services.

About us

DA Decorators offer our experience as professional decorators to the people of Warwickshire and the Midlands.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, we have worked on projects of all sizes and shapes and can proudly boast that we are responsible for the decorating of the dining area and player’s lounge at Old Trafford, the home of the Manchester United football club.

Who are we?

We are happy to work on both domestic and commercial properties with no minimum job size. Our aim is to offer you the services you need for your home or business and we value the happiness of our customers so we guarantee 100% satisfaction for everything that we do.

Over the last three decades, we have ensured we never were one of those companies that didn’t worry about the work we did, as long as we received our payment. This consistent customer services means we have a number of repeat customers and even customers who families have begun using us due to the quality of service offered to their parents.

We offer no obligation quotes for any work that you require so if you need decorators for a home or business premises, then simply give us a call. We are happy to come out and chat with you about what you need and what we can offer to solve that requirement.

Home Decorating Service

When you call someone to decorate your home, you are looking for a high quality service that will take the least possible time and cost a sensible amount. You are looking for a company who will care about your home, ensuring that the work done is to the best standards and also that the mess will be kept to a minimum.

We’ve worked across the Midlands for thirty years and this means we have worked on homes of all the different styles – from modern and minimalist looks to classic style period homes. We can decorate a single room or your entire house, depending on what you need. And if you are unsure what look or style might work for your room, we are quite happy to offer our experience to give you some ideas and guidance.

Decorating for Commercial Properties

Two things are crucial when decorating commercial properties – that the work is as timely as possible to minimise disruption and to cost as little as possible. As expert commercial decorators, we can help you renovate your business premises to suit your needs. This includes offering the highest standards of professionalism, the quickest possible work time and also the best prices possible.

We have worked across the region for the last three decades and we can boast a range of projects behind us. Whether you have an office space, a restaurant or a factory, we can help renovate the space and improve the look of it. We can also offer advice on what might work for the space as well as practical considerations based on the nature of your business – for example, easy to clean for catering businesses.

Our Services

We have a great amount of pride in the reputation that we have built up over the past 3 decades at DA Decorators in Leamington Spa. That reputation is for reliability, a broad range of technical skills and high professional standards and we like to produce very happy clients each time we finish a job.

Top quality workmanship at affordable rates

Great workmanship does not have to come at unaffordable rates and we have always strived to offer the most competitive pricing for our clients.

Whether you are a home owner looking at getting your bathroom or kitchen re-decorated, or a business, large or small, requiring efficient, professional workmanship, we have the background and reputation which shows we can deliver great results.

Whatever your requirements, for friendly, no-obligation advice and a free quote get in touch with us today.